Psychopaths Are like Vampires

I wondered for years why vampire-related TV shows and movies are so popular in the US. After reading Steve Job’s biography and a few more books on psychopaths I think I understand the fascination.

Vampires are a perfect metaphor for psychopaths: charming, manipulative, dishonest and very dangerous unless you are able to identify and avoid them before it’s too late.

I have two degrees in psychology (from English universities) but we hardly ever mentioned psychopaths during my courses. For some reason we focused most of the time on much less dangerous schizophrenics. Psychopathy is a subject considered not politically correct to discuss. That’s why they often call psychopaths sociopaths (the terms mean the same thing). What a shame and how convenient for all these psychopaths around us in America – the most psychopath -enabling country on the planet. LA , NY and London are officially world’s capitals of psychopathy.

I have read many great books about psychopaths and I have met quite a few of them during almost a decade I spent in Los Angeles (and another 13 years in London). I have lived with a few psychopaths and I had a chance to help several victims of psychopathic boyfriends, girlfriends and bosses (of both sexes). Being able to see very dramatic improvement in their lives after I shared my knowledge and experience with them was very rewarding and inspiring.

I think that psychopaths (especially the ones in politics and business) are the very cause of all the biggest problems we face today. They naturally excel at enforcing fraud that passes as politics nowadays. Lies are their specialty  – performing crime against reality is effortless for them.

I’ve been telling my friends here in the US for more than a year that both our presidential candidates are psychopaths. Not many people believed me until about a week ago when a study was published by University of Oxford which stated that both Hilary and Trump are indeed psychopaths:…

I come from Yugoslavia where we had a president (Slobodan Milosevic) who was a psychopath. Soon after he came to power, we had a civil war. I don’t want that to happen here in the US.

On a more personal level, there is another tragic story from a couple of days ago – a friend of mine’s 15 month old son was killed on a pedestrian crossing by a drunk 72 year old woman, very likely a psychopath (she had no mercy – she did not even stop to help her two victims. Instead she tried to drive away). Here is the story:

It’s important to remember that psychopaths cannot be any other way. It’s not their fault they are psychopaths.

That’s why it’s important to learn more about how they operate, the tricks they use to manipulate us (usually without us suspecting anything because psychopaths mostly operate behind our backs).

They have no conscience, cannot love anything or anyone, so their lives are a pure game of greed, power and dirty tricks. Not all of them are violent (I think about 20% are). They don’t look like monsters, they are often great actors so they appear very charming. Like Hilary after she got coached to smile more (not so much Trump).

The purpose of this blog is to encourage people to share experiences and knowledge about dealing with psychopaths. I am convinced they are the biggest danger we face today, especially the ones we allow to assume positions of power where they can do a huge amount of damage.